Vision Board Party 2017!

Price $12-20

New Year=New Goals! You’re invited to envision and CLARIFY your dreams and desires for the new year…..and learn how to master your inner vision and create your own reality!

Every new year we mentor and guide women to make their dreams and visions come ALIVE!
It all begins within~with our belief systems (which controls 90% of our waking life!), thoughts and feelings!
This event is unique because we will:
*Guide you on the how tos of this craft
*Empower your true dreams and desires with our professional coaching skills
*Help you eliminate what you don’t want or need for the new year!

Price: $12
All materials included, except for your own pictures, or special meaning items you want to add. Basic stock paper will be provided, you’re welcome to bring your own back drop or paper if you want to!

Light snacks and tea included as well!

RSVP by emailing host at:

Join us! Stats show that people who make vision boards have an 80% better chance than those who don’t, of making their Dreams and visions into a reality! Start the new year out the way YOU WANT it!

Dive into Digestion 1/2 day

Saturday, Jan 28th 2017, 2-5:30pm

In this class, we will cover:
-Which foods and substances may be aggravating your digestive process
-Exactly which foods, herbs, and supplements can be game-changers
-How essential oils can help your digestion
-Simple self-belly massage techniques & guided visualization to help with digestion
Sign up by Jan 25th and save $10! Bring a friend and save another $10. Click here to sign up!

“HeART-Opening” Guided Visualization & Creative Art-Making

Sunday Feb 12th 2017, 2-5:30pm

This workshop begins with a guided visualization, designed for heart healing, opening, and to connect you with deeper feelings of love. You will go on a journey where you will get to envision what you want to draw into your heart, and then you will literally get to CREATE images from what you saw.

You don’t need to be an artist or think of yourself as “talented” to enjoy this class. I’ve had multiple participants who are new to the visual arts and had an amazing time. The visualization is designed to help quiet your critical mind and I also provide techniques to help people who are unfamiliar with the materials.

Cost of class includes materials such as paper, colored pencils, pastels, paint, and collage materials. See more about the class and sign up here. Bring a friend and get $10 back when you both show up!

Enneagram Personality Workshop

Thursday, Nov 17, 2016  $20, Sliding Scale (no one turned away for lack of funds)

Like different autumn leaves, each of us runs one of nine different personality styles. This workship is an opportunity to work with your patterns in a relaxed setting.


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Vertical Alignment and Attunement Workshop

Thursday, October 27, 2016 from 7-9pm Free! (Donations kindly accepted)

Amelía Aeon Karris has started many intentional communities around the world to help us create a foundation for the New Earth. She found that the most important key to having successful and sustainable communities is that everyone learn mastery of the self through meditation in order to understand themselves at the deepest level, becoming clear channels, and therefore gaining the ability to communicate with one another from the heart and highest place of integrity.
She has been offering free attunement calls through her website in order to find new members to fill the seats for her Council of 12 Mystery School which will be beginning November 11th. The Council is a 10 week course which includes practicing her method of meditation called Vertical Alignment and walking through the steps in her book called Synchronicity to guide members towards self awareness and self mastery of ones energies and gifts for the world.

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Love Your Body, Love Your Life Workshop

Do you desire to feel confident, and empowered in your body life and career?

Saturday, November 5, 2016 from 11-3 $97

Learn to love your body and love your life with belly dance and belief work!


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Sava Salon: Women’s Wellness Series!
Ayurvedic Medicine and Cannabis by Eden Tosch.

Thursday, Nov 10th, 2016 6:30-8:30 FREE!

Ayurveda uses cannabis medicinally and it is referred to as vijaya, meaning victory. Found primarily in formulations for digestive disorders, some reproductive health issues, parasites, some mental health issues, and the many and sundry complaints of aging including body pain, loss of appetite, sleep disorders, and other quality of life issues, we will learn about this history of Ayurvedic Medicine and Cannabis, as well as practical applications today.

Sava Salon: Women’s Wellness Series is an educational forum to showcase ways that cannabis can be used for everyday wellness. Whether you are simply curious or looking to deepen your knowledge, this ongoing series welcomes all levels of interest. This event is FREE but has limited space. Please confirm your attendance via Eventbrite and learn more about Sava at

There will be no consumption or sales onsite; this is an educational event only. This also means no medical cannabis cards are needed – just come and learn!

More about Eden Tosch:
Eden’s abiding interests in holistic healthcare, human potential, both collective and individual, and all encompassing systems of thought initially drew her into the study and practice of Ayurveda. The efficacy, rigor, creative relationship between states of challenge and ease have inspired her to continue on this path. The elegance of balance between individuality and collective good and classical thought with unorthodox practices, challenge her daily as she seeks to inspire others with this endlessly interesting modality.. You can learn more about her practice here:

Dive into Digestion! An Immersion Course on Digestion, Assimilation, Elimination, & Relaxation

Meets for 4 Tuesdays: 7-9pm November 15th, 22nd, Dec 6th and 13th 2016

Do you have any digestive complaints or questions, on-going gas and bloating issues or irregular bowel movements? Do you carry any extra weight around your belly? Are you not able to get to the bottom of what is causing some of your digestive discomfort?

You are definitely not alone! Join us to discuss these topics and more in our 4 week Dive into Digestion class series! You will learn more about:
-Which foods and substances may be aggravating your digestive process
-Exactly which foods, herbs, and supplements can be game-changers
-How essential oils can help your digestion
-How and when to do a home enema

This class series also includes guided visualizations, specifically geared towards relaxing the digestive tract, countering the effects of stress, and optimizing gut functioning. As part of the visualizations, you will also learn simple self-massage techniques on your belly for cramping, bloating, etc.

Taught by a dynamic duo! Anne Aymakoglu, founder and owner of Body Harmony, Certified Instructor Colon Hydrotherapist, Certified Massage Therapist and Wellness Advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils, and Siri Scull is a certified Nutritional Consultant, Hypnotherapist, and Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage therapist.

Join us for this fun, interactive class series where you will take home easy, useful tips to bring into your daily routine and share others. You will receive essential oils samples, a better understanding of how your digestion works, and the support and know-how for optimal functioning.

Sign up by Nov 1st and save $25! Bring a friend and save another $25. (If the Eventbright ticket doesn’t allow this feature, we will reimburse you the appropriate amount on the first day of class.) Here is the link to sign up. Hope to see you there 🙂

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From Bystander to Badass: 3 Keys to Conquering your Fear of Visibility

Friday Oct. 21st from 2:30-5pm—Free Workshop!

If you are a female entrepreneur looking to get clear on your message and bring authenticity to your marketing, this workshop is for you. You’re not the only one feeling like you need to really “put yourself out there”. Come join other badass women like you who are ready to step up to the mic and share their message with the world.

Here’s what we’ll do:
  • Get rid of limiting beliefs around visibility

  • Learn techniques to let go of perfectionism

  • Gain strategies to rock your own mic

And then we’ll raise a glass of well-earned champagne to celebrate the end of the work week!

It’s $10 to secure your spot but then you get that $ back when you show up. Taught by business coach Rebecca Williams. Sign up here for this free workshop.



(Done! Check back soon for more!) Classes on the Enneagram:

Part I: Sex and Personality: Wednesday, Sept 7th 7pm-8:30pm

Part II: Love and Personality: Wednesday, Sept 14th 7pm-8:30pm

Part III: Work and Personality: Wednesday, Sept 21st 7pm-8:30 pm

$10 Sliding Scale

This workshop series will apply the highly effective personality typing system of the Enneagram to relationships with lovers, partners, bosses and co-workers.

How can we find more flow in these three key areas? Join us for a frank discussion of these relationships. Come to any one of the workshops or all three!

Hosted by Trent Thornley

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Hypno-Sound Journey

Next one: May 12th 7:30pm at SF Wellness & Arts Pop-Up | 1500 Market St.
$20, save $10 if you bring a friend whose never been to SF Wellness & Arts Pop-Up

Bringing together the worlds of sound therapy with hypnotherapy, Tala and Siri create a magical journey where you can experience the relaxation of live instrumentation played alongside guided visualization. This month’s theme will be around some of the themes that come with spring—new beginnings and taking action.

This journey will take you to a deeper place where you will recognize what’s already budding in your life. By bringing attention to what is already thriving and doing well, you will get to feel on an intuitive level into anything that will help these areas bloom to their maximum potential. The music and meditative guidance will help you get in touch with your own inner wisdom. Are there any areas that could still use some pruning or fine-tuning? Are there any goals you had in the new year that now feels more ripe for putting into action?

Come bath yourself in soothing sounds and healing words, and then feel them reverberate through your entire body. This is a deliciously powerful experience! There is limited space so sign up soon by following the paypal link below.

For more information on practitioners please visit:
Hypnotherapist, Siri Scull :
Sound Therapist, Tala Al-Khudhairi :

Sign up now to secure your spot:


Bring a friend whose new to SF Wellness & Arts Pop-Up & save $10!


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Sound Healing, Singing, & Meditation with Jordan Blake

We will gather in unified vibration immersed in the sounds of crystal singing bowls and overtone singing. Please join your voice and energy with mine in collective healing and meditation. It is a very cozy atmosphere where we will be able to explore and experiment together with sound and energy. The group is open to all who are curious and adventurous, no prior musical experience is required. Please RSVP on (link below) and bring a friend!
WHAT: Sound Healing & Meditation Group
WHEN: Every Tuesday from 7-9pm (starting January 5th!)
WHERE: SF Wellness & Arts Pop-Up, 1500 Market St & Van Ness Ave (above All Star Cafe in the corner)
WHY: For creative expression, ecstatic release, community building & wellness
COST: $10 (no one turned away for lack of funds)

*Wear comfy clothes. Water and tea will be available.

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Clear Cabinets, Clear Gut, Clear Mind—So fresh & so clean!

I view cleansing as not just about food & diet, but also about clearing negative thought patterns and physical space as well. In this 4-week program, you will get to feel the effects of cleansing on so many levels, giving your body and mind a chance to reset and rebalance. Each Weds eve we will meet, giving you the structure and support, along with helpful tips and hypnotic visualizations to help make the process easier.

We are each different in our needs and desires, so this is not a one-size-fits-all cleanse. I will provide helpful background tips around cleansing and then each of us will make our own commitments for the month as far as what we want to remove and reduce, and add to our daily regime. Anything from a simple tweak to an entire overhaul, but still doable amidst a normal, working schedule. I will also have available kits of Chinese herbs and tonics that include a parasite, liver, and kidney cleanse at an additional cost for those who are interested.

Each week you can expect to:

*Learn why cleansing from time-to-time is so important
*Learn what foods and substances might be good to try weeding out for a period of time
*Learn what is important to feed and replenish your body during the cleanse
*Try various cleansing herbs and teas
*Identifying what are the main culprits that get in the way to feeling clean in your body, space, and mind. (What prevents you from being your healthiest self? What negative loops in your mind hold you back from feeling your brightest self?)
*Make personal commitments around: 1) changes to diet 2) cleaning space 3) reframing negative thought patterns
*Receive the support of guided hypnotic visualizations to make the whole process easier
*Be part of a group of committed participants so you don’t feel like you’re doing it alone

When: Meets Wednesdays May 4th, 11th, 18th, & 25th from 7-9pm.

Where: SF Wellness & Arts Pop-Up—1500 Market Street

Cost: $80
For those who want to use the kit of Chinese herbs and supplements which include a kidney, liver & parasite cleanse, it’s an additional $150 which can be paid on the first day we meet.

Taught by: Siri Scull, certified Nutritional Counselor and Hypnotherapist. See more at

Sign up by following the paypal link below, If you have any trouble paying through paypal, text me at (510) 501-4209 to arrange a different means.


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Hypnosis Meets Artistic Expression

Saturday May 7th, 11-2pm Come early for a spring special of gluten-free savory pancakes & tea from 11-11:45!

SF Wellness & Arts Pop-UP | 1500 Market Street | 3rd floor, next to All-Star Donuts

inherzoneCurious to try something new? Or to tap into your creativity from a place of meditation and deep relaxation? Come experience a group hypnotic visualization, much like a meditation, that will lead you on a journey into the most peaceful yet strong parts of your heart. In this highly open and relaxed state, you will get to make art based on what you saw and explore your most creative side. No artistic experience necessary! I’ve had multiple people who normally never make art report how much they loved the process. For this April’s class, the emphasis will be on the hypnotic journey with time to write or draw after. I will introduce a process of drawing on black paper so you can allow your own light & color to emerge from the darkness. Hypnosis relaxes the conscious, critical mind so that deeper, subconscious thoughts, beliefs and ideas can rise to the surface. This is the perfect terrain for creative art-making, in whatever form it takes.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn a simple, delicious recipe for savory gluten-free pancakes (11-11:45)
  • Experience deep relaxation, restoring the mind and nervous system (11:45-12:45)
  • Receive messages and insight from your creative subconscious (11:45-12:45)
  • Learn simple, artistic techniques (12:45-2)
  • Connect with others while getting to play creatively (12:45-2)

$30 in advance, $35 at the door. Bring a friend whose never been to SF Wellness & Arts Pop-Up and get $10 back at the door!

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Acting for the Soul with Joyful Simpson

Mondays from 6:30-9:30pm.  May 16th, 23rd, June 6, June 13th

Come let your inner thespian out of the closet in this unpretentious and playful environment.

This class is for everyone; the seasoned performer and novice alike.


  • Embrace creativity and play
  • Sharpen your listening skills
  • Connect to your truth
  • Trust your instincts

“The techniques of the theater are the techniques of communication.” Viola Spolin

Register @

 Sliding scale $150-200

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Talking Enneagram

Hearing 9 Styles and Communicating Better

May 19th 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Explore Your Type Before Attending

Facilitated By Trent J Thornley
Trent is an Enneagram Coach, Buddhist Dharma Leader &MCC Minister. He works as a Chaplain Trainer at the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital,
where he guides new chaplains in the art of spiritual care.

RSVP @ under Events

Sliding Scale $10-20

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Sava Salon: Women’s Wellness Series
Our inaugural topic will be: Basic Properties and Usages of CBD presented by Jessica Peters, founder of Moxie Meds. Has anyone talked to you about CBD before? Do you know it’s a non-psychoactive plant medication to relieve pain, anxiety, inflammation and much more?

Sava Salon: Women’s Wellness Series is an educational forum to showcase ways that cannabis can be used for everyday wellness. Whether you are simply curious or looking to deepen your knowledge, this ongoing series welcomes all levels of interest.

This event is free/donation-based but has limited space. Please confirm your attendance via Eventbrite and learn more about Sava at

There will be no consumption or sales onsite; this is an educational event only. This also means no medical cannabis cards are needed – just come and learn!

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Body, “Boys,” and Beyond

Sisterhood wisdom for living more in love

 1 Monday/ month Aug 1st, Sept 12th and Oct 3rd 6:30-8pm,; ONLY $5!

Come join Therapist, Spiritual Teacher and Seasoned Yoga teacher for a healing experiential, discussion and heart opening evening. We will talk about love in it’s many forms, self-love, intimate love, sisterhood love, having good boundaries and finding your voice. Come relax into a sisterhood and learn tools to live your best life!

Please register to secure your space at

Carolina Grace Lorenzo has been teaching and facilitating groups for 18 years. She is so excited to get a conversation going and offer some tools on how to navigate these rough waters. She has dedicated her life’s work in service of women and girl’s empowerment and is available for one on one counseling and assessment. 415-572-8983

Open Art-Making Workshop

Date to be announced, at SF Wellness & Arts Pop-UP | 1500 Market Street

Drop in for all or any portion of this open-ended art-making evening. Use it as a time to write, draw, paint, collage, scrapbook, however you want to play creatively. We’ll provide the atmosphere and art supplies, or feel free to bring some of your own. $15 to participate, bring $5-10 for a materials fee, unless you bring your own.

Sometimes it’s hard to carve out that creative time on your own or to feel motivated to take out supplies. We make it easy for you by creating a space with a variety of art supplies and collective creativity to inspire you!

Sign up now to reserve a spot: